Lifestyle Design vs 10x Hustling

Chatting with one of my Adwords clients on Wednesday and he asked me what I think about the whole "lifestyle design" vs "10x hustling" type of mindset.

No doubt there's gurus preaching one way or the other.

Lifestyle guys who only ever seem to work an hour a day from exotic beachside locations around the world and say it's all about working smarter.

Hustlers who "rise and grind" from 4am till midnight and think every problem can be solved by working harder.

So which approach is better?

Frankly both extremes are dangerous.

The lifestyle guy risks being overtaken by a harder working competitor.

And the hustler is on-track for an early heart attack.

Like most things the optimal approach is somewhere in the middle.

Me? I kinda do a combination both...

Short bursts of high productivity within a lifestyle framework designed for optimal happiness.

For example, here's how a typical day looks for me:

*Note these times are all approximate. I don't time anything or work to a schedule. Every day is different but this is a pretty good idea of an average day.

5am: Wake, coffee, read. I don't use an alarm so I just get up whenever I wake up, usually sometime between 4am and 6am. (I'm definitely a morning person.) Make an espresso and read a good book while my brain wakes up.

530-7am: Production. This is when I create. Copywriting, writing emails, creating training programs, developing marketing campaigns etc. As far as making money goes, this is the most important part of my day. It's when all the stuff for my own business happens.

7-9am - Surfing.

9-10am Post-surf coffee. Most of the guys I surf with are other entrepreneurs who have the ability to surf whenever the waves are good, so these conversations are a mixture of surf stories and business scheming.

10-12. Emails, client work, coaching.

12-1pm. Lunch.

1-3pm. Surf if it's good otherwise production -- whatever my #1 priority is.. sometimes client work, sometimes writing copy, sometimes ecom stuff.

3-5pm. Production. Usually marketing for one our our ecom stores.

5-9pm. Surf, hang out with friends, or binge watch something on Netflix.

9pm. Bed.


So as you can see, if the surfs good it's not unusual for me to spend 4 hours or more surfing.

But I also get 3-5+ hours of focused productivity in each day.

I use the pomodoro technique -- 25 minute work blocks followed by a 5 minute break -- and aim for 10 blocks over the course of the day. (5 hours total work time.) I use Pomodoro Time Pro on my iPhone to track this. And I'm usually "wired in" during this time, wearing noise-cancelling headphones listening to

By being clear on my goals and hyper focused during work blocks I get more done in a day than I used to in a week (and more than some people do in a month) while living a lifestyle that would make most people jealous.

Here's how I get the high value clients that make all this possible:

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully