How I got my SECOND Client

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This one is interesting.

I used a strategy not 1 in 100 Internet marketers use.

In fact I have barely heard it mentioned in the last 5 years.

It's oldskool. Costs money. Takes a little time.

But it works.

And it has been the seed of more fortunes than I can name.

The funny thing is I did almost everything wrong -- cringe-worthy
compared to the marketing my Consulting Tycoon members have
access to these days.

And it still kicked-butt.

Here's the story:

As the project for my first client came to an end I suddenly realized
I didn't have anything else in the pipeline.

I had been so busy "doing the work" for the first guy I hadn't even
thought about lining up the next one.

My first feast or famine cycle.

So I figured I should do some marketing.

But I had no idea where to start.

Keep in mind at this stage I was still only 18 years old. And I was a
computer geek. Didn't know the first thing about marketing. Hadn't
heard of Kennedy, Caples, Halbert, or Hopkins. Thought a copywriter
was someone who put the © on books.

Overture had only just launched. Adwords didn't yet exist. The term
"search engine optimization" was only a year old... and it was mostly
about submitting your site to the search engines.

Online marketing in general was a bit like the Wild West.

So I turned to the only medium I knew about and could afford...

The humble classified ad!

I bought a 5-line ad in the local paper. Cost me $50 if I remember
correctly. Will never forget how much of a playa I felt reading the
ad to the girl over the phone. Oh yeah, you're in the big time now!

But it was a terrible ad.

The headline was my company name: "Devil Website Development".

I don't remember the body copy, but I'm guessing it was pretty similar
to this usenet post I wrote around the same time:

Devil Website Development promo

But guess what?

Despite all that, it worked!

I got a couple of phone calls. Handled them brutally. And still landed a client.

Because good things happen when you take action.

Talk soon