Guerrilla outbound prospecting

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Back in 2012 I ran a training called "Email Marketing Strategies for Consultants -- How to quickly become an authority, sell under the radar, and make BIG profits from tiny lists."

It covered things like:

How to build a list, how often you should mail your prospects, when to start selling, what you should offer, easy ways to provide value, and how to get your emails read and responded to.

(These are the same strategies I used to generate well over 6-figures from a list of less than 300 people, back when I was still a complete unknown. Don't let anyone tell you that you need a big list.)

But my favourite part of the training was on cold prospecting.

I demonstrated a simple email strategy I've been using (for the last 10 years now) to open conversations with cold prospects.

It was only a few minutes long.

The email example was just 3 paragraphs.

And... it got conversion rates of around 40-50%.

(In this case "conversion" is opening a conversation with a qualified high-value prospect. Depending on your targeting and sales process you may convert anywhere from 10-50% of these type of opportunities into clients.)

The funny thing is the copy in the email goes against everything you've probably read about what good "copywriting" is.

No benefits. No fear mongering. No hype.

This is how I'm able to able to fly in under the radar, differentiate myself from those overseas companies spamming local businesses, and position myself as a trusted adviser.

Four years later and I'm still using almost the exact same strategy.

I call it guerrilla outbound marketing. And it's one of the cheapest and most predictable ways you can grow your consulting business.

In fact, we've just kicked off a new campaign for my agency and I thought you would get a lot out of seeing what we're doing.

In this case study I'm going to walk you through the exact process we're using right now, including:

  • How to build a quality list quickly.
  • The exact emails we're sending.
  • The simple funnel we're using.
  • Break down of response rates.
  • How to systematise and scale.

Full details for this training are now available in the Consulting Tycoon Insiders community.

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See you on the inside,

Kyle Tully