From Installing Satellites To Internet Marketing Consultant In 3.5 Weeks

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Six weeks ago Rob Rawlings spent his days in sunny Queensland, climbing into hot roofs installing satellites.

One day he began to think…

“There must be a better way to earn a living”

Three and a half weeks later he had replaced his income and gone full-time as an Internet marketing consultant.

Before his success in consulting Rob had tried affiliate marketing. He was taking action, “doing all the right things”, but not seeing any results — and in his own words…

“I got to a desperate point.”

He liked the idea of Internet marketing, and he liked helping people, but affiliate marketing just wasn’t working.

Finally, he stumbled on to the Consulting Tycoon website, read every word of the salesletter, and invested in the program.

What happened next surprised him…

He got his first client (a 5-figure deal), from his first marketing campaign, 3 1/2 weeks after joining, and instantly replaced income.

The best part? He was out fishing when it happened!

Now Rob spends his days (when he’s not fishing) helping local businesses to get online and compete with the bigger boys.

He lives in a small town of 60,000 and is averaging 1 new client a week.

I got Rob to jump on Skype with me for a quick chat where he shares:

  • The hardest part about getting started. (And how he overcame it.)
  • How a walk in the bush with his girlfriend led to a breakthrough that made his business a runaway success within 3.5 weeks.
  • What to look for in your ideal client so you don’t ever have to “sell” anything.
  • How he gets clients using a unique combination of direct mail, email and video.
  • What to do with clients who already have a website — they love this, it makes you look like a genius, and it brings you stable recurring income.
  • His 5 critical pieces of advice for people just starting out in the consulting business.

My favorite part of this interview is when Rob talks about the freedom he now has…

His advice?

“Structure your day around things you want to do… I want to have fun in my life! I want freedom!”

Rob is proof you can change your life very quickly if you find the right resources and take action towards your dreams.

Take a listen to the interview and let me know what you think.

Would you like to know what Rob knows? Click here…

14 thoughts on “From Installing Satellites To Internet Marketing Consultant In 3.5 Weeks”

  1. I’m so happy for you Rob! It’s also great to hear your voice in the interview. I love your sense of humor. It has been great to read your reports of success, and the internal process you’ve gone through to get there, on the Consulting Tycoon forum. 🙂

  2. Mate, you will be the man to go to at home.

    Talk about niche domination 🙂

    I actually think you have it easier in a local market because there is less competition and “noise” plus you kick butt a what you do.

    Congrats on the success.

    Great interview mate.

    P.S. sounds like you were on a bush walk in the interview 🙂

    1. We’re low-tech here mate, none of that fancy sound equipment Schramko uses 😉

      The great thing about a small town is you can become a bit of a celebrity — “that Internet guy” — and get a lot of referrals as word spreads of your amazing powers.

  3. I’m really happy for your success! Any clients have issues with the fact that someone who can’t sell stuff online is teaching others how to do it? 😉

    1. Hey Will

      I don’t think anyone is “teaching” something they don’t know how to do — they’re DOING it for their clients. Once you’ve done that once, then you know how to do it, right?

      (You won’t last long if you don’t get results!)

      And in many cases our consultants sell their consulting services online, thus doing for themselves what they do for their clients.

      Make sense?


  4. Inspiring interview, and a great lesson in developing the right mindset.

    Waddaya mean no “… fancy sound equipment”…? I distinctly heard a Wind Machine and a Rolf Harris Wobble Board.

  5. Yes – i love a good interview! Feeling nice and inspired again…

    p.s. what I heard was more “Sasquatch hunt in the bush” with sirens and scary giant footsteps.

  6. I met Rob recently at the Fast Web Formula seminar, he was inspirational when speaking with me and really, really, really helped me ‘nut out’ the lack of clarity that I had around my abilities. I am now 99% there with my first 5 figure client, I have done the smart thing and started a JV, with a ‘super talented’ partner for moral support and a bit of hand holding and am well on the way to confirming 2 new clients over in the UK – this is all in less than two weeks – thanks Rob and I hope all is continuing to go fantastically.

  7. Thanks Guys,

    I’m so glad that the interview is inspiring, sorry I haven’t replied until now ,I’ve been super busy and the fishing rod hasn’t been out since the fwf.

    Note to self, “this has to change.”

    I really hope that some of you beautiful people are taking action because action lead to belief which leads to reinforcement which leads on to motivation and then to more action.

    I you can start a little rock to roll then the hard work is done all you have to do then is keep that rock “n” rollin.
    One other oldie from England, “A rolling stone gathers no Moss” see it has to be English cos we do not have moss here, well not in Queensland anyway.
    I am full of these you see, go on ask me another?

  8. Hey Kyle,

    I have listened to a couple of interviews now, which have been absolutely awesome and inspiring and have just discovered there are quite a few more on your site…I haven’t even listened to this one yet but downloading now!

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing the best content on offline consulting on the internet (well from what I have come across so far) and I’ve been to loads of sites and bought a heap of WSOs etc. but the free content on your site trumps them all.

    As a fellow Aussie I’m pretty stoked to find someone like you who has helped me learn so much. I play in a progressive rock band (check it out on facebook below) and it’s starting to go great but we don’t make any money! We sometimes lose money haha. Currently I am sooo broke…credit card debt etc. But I’ve been messing around online for a while but with no real purpose but have some website / seo skills now (not that it matters since I’ve discovered you can outsource the whole thing), and since learning about offline consulting in the past few months, I’m exited to get this thing started!

    I just wanted to say a big thank you and let you know that I WILL invest in your program once I have the funds (once I have a few clients under my belt), I can’t afford it now, but I can’t wait until I can and I look forward to learning more from you.

    Wish me luck as I get started over the next week contacting businesses and hopefully be in the program sooner rather than later.


    Secrets in Scale

    1. Hey Dave

      Thanks for your comments mate, glad you’re liking everything!

      I figure if I give away enough good content that helps you get your first paying client (or two) then you’ll want to invest in my paid programs to make even more money. Seems to be working so far.


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