Fire in the Belly

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I was shocked at how much was going on.

2 new websites.

2 information products.

1 high level coaching program.

3 copywriting projects.

2 client proposals.

5 mentoring students.

This is what I saw when I got a sneak peak behind the scenes in one of my early mentor's consulting business.

Just the new stuff he had taken on that month.

All being done at the same time.

All getting finished.

All repeated the next month.

I remember thinking to myself "no wonder he's making so much money, look at all the stuff he's doing!"

He was a whirlwind of activity.

New clients coming in faster than we could write.

Projects for existing clients being enhanced and expanded until we were practically building entire new businesses.

Products and websites built. Traffic campaigns setup.

Ideas flowed and got executed immediately.

Never perfect. But always done.

We were producing ten times more content than consuming.

Maybe more.

I don't remember a single time we talked about a new product launch, guru, tactic or strategy. We just worked. Focused on doing good work and growing the business.

Urgency in the air. Fire in the belly.

Contrast that with many people who come to me for help.

They've got one thing on their plate.

They move like molasses.

Researching, talking, buying.

Thinking about it more than doing it.

Acting like they've got all the time in the world.

Only when the shit hits the fan and they're forced to act with a sense of urgency does anything happen with speed.

Doing OK... research.

Doing OK... talk.

Doing OK... buy.

OMG Crisis! Take action.

Soon as the crisis is over you're back to your old ways.

Look, when there's no outside pressure (like having a boss) to get things done it's easy to get complacent. Easy to put off until tomorrow what you really should have launched last week. Easy to tell yourself that's OK.

But it's not OK.

Because there ain't no standing still in life. You're either moving towards your goals or letting them slip away.

Act with a sense of urgency every day.

Don't wait 'til the gun is to your head:

Talk soon