Differentiate or die

I recently recorded a video critique for a client I think you'll get value from.

I can't share the actual video for privacy reasons, but the lesson is easy to explain.

And it ties in perfectly with my last email about why lead generation fails.

The critique was for a Facebook ad funnel:

Facebook Ad -> Landing Page -> Strategy Session

A tried and true funnel that has been proven to work in countless markets by dozens of consultants.

The problem was simply that the ad, landing page, and offer were waaaaay too generic. You could have used almost the exact same copy to promote any marketing business in the world. And you could have used almost the exact same copy to sell to any type of business in the world.

Whether you sold SEO, PPC, conversion rate optimisation, lead generation, content marketing, cold email, or any other service... whether you were selling to dentists, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, ecommerce store owners, or painters...

The copy was general enough that, in theory, it would appeal to everyone.

I'm talking about generic phrases such as:

"Get targeted leads".

"Increase your revenue".

"Frustrated with your lack of success?".

But when you try to appeal to everyone you appeal to no one.

Why is this? Because your ad lacks the specifics to really stand out to your ideal prospects who are going to see your ad and say "OMG this is exactly what I need!".

You see, the market has moved to a new level of sophistication. They've seen and heard hundreds of messages like this before. If you sound like everything else you simply get filtered out as noise. Few people click on your ads, and the few that do never convert.

Ads don't exist in a vacuum. Understanding the context in which your prospect sees your marketing is critical.

For example, using my own Facebook news feed as a benchmark, I'd estimate 30-40% of the ads I see are marketing related. People selling courses, coaching, services, masterminds, workshops, webinars etc. You're competing for attention against all of these people.

If you're selling to business owners you have to be super clear on EXACTLY who they are, what their PRECISE challenges are, and how you can SPECIFICALLY help them.

And you must communicate this is your marketing.

Differentiate or die.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully