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#9 Essentialism for Consultants

If you feel overworked and yet under-utilised -- busy but not productive -- then you're going to get a lot out of this week's podcast. Episode 9 of the Consulting Tycoon Podcast is based on a training I ran for my inner circle clients on applying Essentialism to your consulting business. You'll discover the way …

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#6 How To Charge Premium Consulting Prices Today

This week on the Consulting Tycoon Podcast I'm talking about strategies to help you start charging premium prices starting today. Your pricing can make or break your business and most people are coming in waaaaaay too low. Let's reset your pricing thermometer and learn how to set your fees based on the value you provide.

#5 Breaking The Feast Or Famine Cycle In Your Consulting Business

In a brand new episode of the Consulting Tycoon Podcast I'm talking about how to break the feast or famine cycle. This is a common trap many consultants find themselves stuck in. And if you're not careful it can cripple your business and kill any momentum you might otherwise have gained.