Ditch the civilian luxuries

Civilians have the luxury of cruise control. Turn up to work, put the hours in, go home... ... and like clockwork a pay check gets deposited in your bank account.

Is your DNA conspiring against you?

Got a great question on one of our webinars the other day: "I know you have several businesses, when did you decide that you can start an ecommerce vs. shiny object syndrome?" Now, I'll be the first to admit I'm drawn to bright shiny objects just as much as anyone else.

The “leaky bucket” theory for getting clients

Lemme tell you about my "leaky bucket" theory for getting clients. See, every potential client you come across has holes in their marketing machine. Mistakes, missing pieces, and inefficiencies in the system that are causing them to leak profits. A leaky bucket.

You can’t scale zero

Recently I was having a conversation with one of our new Insiders members. We were talking about strategies he could use to quickly grow his newly launched conversion rate optimisation business. I suggested he try my guerrilla outbound marketing approach.

The Illusion of Knowledge

Early on in my copywriting career, before I had cemented the confidence to consistently charge big fees up-front, I did a number of pay-for-performance deals. I would only get paid if a salesletter I wrote made money. One of these deals was for a 9% gross royalty -- I'd get 9% of everything we made …

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Creating offers that convert

Yesterday we were talking about accountability for results. And how ultimately, results are the ONLY thing your clients care about. It was this realisation that lead me to figure out how to consistently create offers that convert.

Accountability for results

In my experience, most consultants shy away from results. (This experience has been echoed back to me from many clients I've worked with as well.) They want to get paid the big bucks but don't want to be held accountable for the bottom line.

Going to the top

On the webinar last week I talked about one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself... "Which market segment would get the MOST value from working with you?" Because there are many people who can get value from your services.

How choices kill deals

The more experience you get at online marketing, the easier it is to kill a deal by giving your prospect too many options. A potential client comes to you for help, and instead of showing them THE way to solve their problem, the temptation is to tell them about all the different ways you could …

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Guerrilla outbound prospecting

Back in 2012 I ran a training called "Email Marketing Strategies for Consultants -- How to quickly become an authority, sell under the radar, and make BIG profits from tiny lists." It covered things like:

Hacking feedback loops

In my experience, many people aren't where they want to be in life simply because they haven't taken enough action to learn from the feedback they've been given to build sufficient momentum of the right actions. It's often useful to think of your business as a system. And within that system are various sub-systems for …

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Lock it in, Eddie!

Here in Aus we had a TV quiz show called "Who wants to be a millionaire?". Answer 15 multiple-choice questions in a row and you win a million bucks. Of course, the questions increase in difficulty each round so it's not as easy at it might seem. Often two or three of the options sound …

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What are you in it for?

Every failure I've had in business can be traced back to focusing on the money. For a long time my focus was on creating a six-figure business. That was my idea of success. My thought process in those days was along the lines of, "the X market is a Y billion industry, if I can …

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Why you don’t charge enough

Do you understand the real value you provide to your clients? I'm not talking about surface level things like "I build websites" or "I save them time". I mean the deeper stuff -- how your positioning fits with their self-image, the confidence they get because of your system, the stress relief of finally finding someone …

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Better now than later

When I first started in business I spent a few years farting around without much success. Partly because I thought if I just hung out my shingle announcing my consulting business that somehow I'd be flooded with work. And partly because I didn't have a clue what I was doing.

I need this ASAP

ASAP. How did four letters get so much power? People hear "I need this ASAP" and right on cue they rearrange their lives, cancel date night with the wife, put other projects on hold, and stay up all night to accomodate the request. We generally believe people mean "fast" when they say ASAP. But what …

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Turning off autopilot

Ever drive home and have no memory of the trip? Mean to stop at the grocery store but end up at home anyway? Lock your car only to check it 12 seconds later because you can't remember if you did or not. I've done these things countless times.

No I can’t do that

From the perspective of someone who needs to put food on the table, the idea of telling a prospect "no I can't do that" is scary as hell. Especially when the request is something you can figure out how to deliver. Why would any sane person turn down work?