Case Studies

Here are just a few of our case studies and testimonials:

“***** Five Stars...”

This is a great product - a wise young man is Kyle. ***** Five Stars

--James Schramko

Scott Made $45,000 in 3 Months

Ex-Retiree Liz Made $12,000 Her First Month

Liz told me she had spoken with 14 businesses... landed 8 as clients... and still had the other 6 'on the back burner'. Here's what she told me during a Skype chat...

“I couldn't handle more clients if I wanted... 2 a week is a really, really nice income. The prices I'm charging are a LOT higher than I was getting through affiliate marketing”

“I went from $1.7K per month to over $750,000”

"I worked with Kyle one-on-one for three months and in this time I went from one $1.7K per month client to securing two contracts worth over $750,000. There is no way that I can thank Kyle enough for being there and giving me the tips and perspective I needed, right when I needed it.

If you are looking for someone to grow the number of customers in your business and provide you with specific tailored strategies so that you can achieve results faster than you ever thought possible Kyle is your man.

James Jackson - Internet Marketer, Melbourne AUSTRALIA"

“$8,000 per month within 8 weeks...”

$8,000 per month within 8 weeks

“$7,300 payment and ongoing $900 per month...”

“Really excited to secure a customer today as a direct result of reworking a
proposal at Kyle's suggestion. The meeting I had with the customer covered
all the usual objections about not having money, wanting to pay on results
only, timing of payment, more specifics on the technical aspect - just the
usual objections.

Without Kyle's training, I would probably have caved at some point and tried to accommodate the payment issue. But I didn't cave in, but just held a firm line. And now I have got that client secured with a $7,300 payment and ongoing $900 per month.

The great thing is I know he has another project that he will proceed with once we get some results from the first. Without the direction on the proposal and without the knowledge that Kyle has shared, I'm fairly sure this client would not have dreamed of spending so much to promote his business.”


“Well worth the investment...”

“Charging clients anywhere from $500 upward to $5,000 in one exceptional case so far, even $10,000!”

“Extra $100k Next Year”

Kyle, the last three months of mentoring have been fantastic and I am really grateful for your help in taking my thinking and my business to the next level.

When we first started working together I felt stuck in my consulting business and I wasn't having much fun at all. I constantly felt under pressure and was spending a lot of time without actually getting any results.

Working with you has helped me to focus on my strengths and as a result my confidence has increased massively. I've doubled my prices and I'm having heaps of fun in the process.

The strategies we've worked out together are starting to pay off - I have signed up 3 new clients in the last weeks and I have 2 clients booked in for January. 2011 is going to be absolutely amazing and I expect to make an extra 100K next year (on top of my current income) because of the long-term strategies I am implementing. On top of that I have created my first information product and in 2011 I am thinking much bigger than I ever have before.

Thank you so much for your help so far, and I look forward to masterminding with you in the future.

-Janna Jungclaus

“Results are easily 10x better than before...”

“Earning $8500 - $9500 each month!”

“Bought the course on Saturday -- it's very very good...”

“Feel the exhilaration of moving toward freedom ”


I've just joined a few days ago and all I have to say is - WOW!

You've put together a great system here that can put someone who is not quite sure on how to get started, or persuade clients. It's well worth the price times 4!

I've got most of the files, videos, pdf organized into folders and have gone through many of the videos already and my head is swimming. I am diving right into putting my site up because I have a prospect that is interested in getting more sales and improving his follow-up. But I definitely will be going through all of your material and implementing everything that I can.

Some quick advice to those who are just getting started - take ACTION! Get out there and get your first project and feel the exhilaration of moving toward freedom and a good business. Thanks Kyle.


“Your course has changed our world...”

“We just closed our first deal -- it is a $12,000 website with $1,800 per month SEO!!...”

We just closed our first deal -- it is a $12,000 website with $1,800 per month SEO!!

“I've been doing great with local businesses...”

I highly recommend Kyle's course.

“My success rate has actually been 4 out of 4 clients actually – 100% – $12,100...”

Every time he tells me to do something, and I actually have the balls to do it, I make more money.

“Like the red pill in the Matrix...”

“Great support...”

Thanks Kyle...great support.


~$10k first month, ~$35k second month

"These are some of the tangible benefits I've received as a result of working with Kyle:
- Stronger positioning with prospects and clients
- Confidence to aim high
- Speed to market, time saving means more money sooner
- Not having to make all of the mistakes myself
- Down to earth practical business advice
- No hype
- Leveraging off Kyle's experience
- Detail on how to implement ideas e.g. joint ventures
- Insights into different ways of thinking
- Fine tuning of ideas
- Works with and enhances my own ideas rather than prescribing a one size fits all approach
-Helps me focus more on what makes a difference and less on the time wasting activities
- Secured business ~$10k first month, ~$35k second month as a direct result of implementing Kyle's advice

My recommendation - If you're serious about building a strong and profitable consulting business make sure that Kyle figures in there somewhere."
- Stephen Neander
(UPDATE: Stephen went on to do ~$90,000 in his third month.)

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Hi Kyle,

I usually take Saturdays off... but I made time
to watch your video straight through today.

I think it's highly valuable for anyone
pursuing 'offline gold' activities.

The precise examples you give about how to
charge thousands for a few hours of work... and
feel good about it... are priceless.

Brian McElroy

“I've already recommended it...”

Hey Kyle,

I just wanted to let you know that I thought the WSO you had on working with the offline biz was incredible. I wasn't sure when I bought it, but it's proven to be top notch, and a steal at the price. I've already recommended it to a few people on other local biz forums.

I had been meaning to let you know, and just saw a post you had and it reminded me.

thanks a ton, great job!


Dane Sold 6 Websites In 1 Day

Not a bad day all in all to the tune of 6 websites...

“WAY over-delivered!...”


Your video just snapped the final piece of puzzle I've been struggling to solve with my approach to marketing small businesses.

Killer content. In my case, you could have doubled that guarantee and still WAY over-delivered!

Thanks for the great content.

Kevin Rogers

“already made $20,000 just in Jan...”

Kyle, I just started my consulting business in Dec and have already made $20,000 just in Jan. I did use some other systems to guide me (including Rich Schefren's strategic profits system) but your program helped me put my business together - and even though I have an MBA, I just needed some simple forms and processes to create the business and marketing plan - love the 1-pg plans - much better than the mini books that the MBA teaches you to create when putting together a business plan.

Thank you for your efforts and willingness to share.


“Recommend this to anyone...”


I'm not a regular poster on Warrior (yet) but I've got to say thanks for putting this product together.

I'm just kicking off my 'Offline Gold' consulting business based on the recommendations from Andrew in the original ebook - so I was curious when I saw your offer.

For me you've taken OG to a new level that hadn't occurred to me. Ive watched your video twice so far and Ive got about 4 pages of notes and a stack of ideas.

Recommend this to anyone looking at 'Offline Gold' -- you wont find value better than this. All power to you buddy.


“After sending 8 videos I've had 4 calls...”

“Given me so many ideas...”

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the excellent information. I have watched the video and was very impressed. You have given me so many ideas, that I'm going to go through the video again and take lots of notes. Congratulations and thanks for making this great information available to us.


“In my first month I've gone from $0 revenue from online
local business consulting to $2,500 and I have more
proposals in the pipeline....”

Fe Made $5,500 Her First Week

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