You can’t scale zero

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Recently I was having a conversation with one of our new Insiders members.

We were talking about strategies he could use to quickly grow his newly launched conversion rate optimisation business.

I suggested he try my guerrilla outbound marketing approach.

(Guerrilla outbound marketing is a specific way of doing cold emails I've found extremely effective to open conversations with potential prospects and get clients in as little as a few days.

It has worked well for us, as well as many of the other students I've shared it with, including another CRO business.

"But I don't want to tie myself to the marketing and only get clients one at a time," he said. "I want something that is going to scale."

I asked how many clients he currently has...


OK. First let's get one thing straight: Right now your ONLY job is sales and marketing. Like it or not you are tied to marketing. No one else is going to go out and get clients for you.

But here's the other problem:

You can't scale zero.

Listen, everyone wants to do things that scale. But when you're just starting out there are lots of things that need to be done that don't necessarily scale...

  • Figuring out exactly who your ideal clients are and creating your customer avatar.
  • Discovering their hot buttons, pain points, and objections.
  • Learning how to sell to them and developing your sales process.
  • Building relationships and becoming a trusted advisor.
  • Creating scripts, processes, content, and resources etc.

And guess what else rarely scales?

  • How you get your first couple of clients!

You see, at this stage you don't even know what you don't know.

You're learning and making everything up as you go along. So it's better to hustle and consistently land a couple of clients each month while you nut out all these details than chase fantasies of automated push-button scalable systems.

Even big companies that now seem to have infinitely scalable customer-getting systems -- guys like Microsoft, Stripe, and Airbnb -- all started by hustling and reaching out to individual prospects.

Once you're off the ground and you've got cash flow coming in then you can step back and take what you've learned to build a more scalable system.

But right now your biggest bang for buck will come from going out and hunting.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully

P.S. Guerrilla outbound marketing is actually extremely scalable. I modelled our system off a company that used it to grow to over $100 million 😉