Why More Info Hurts Results

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Busy day with inner circle calls and coaching sessions yesterday.

Managed to get a 21km mountain bike ride in between calls which was awesome. Headed through the national park and down to the ocean. I find my afternoons are always more productive when I get some exercise earlier in the day. <-- BIG productivity tip right there 😉

Not a bad spot to think about your goals for the coming year:


There's something about the sound of water lapping at the shore and the power of the pounding surf that's both relaxing and energising. Apparently, the negative ions created in this environment increase your levels of serotonin, helping to relieve stress and boost your energy.

Works for me.

Anyway, as I sat there on the rocks visualising my plans for the year, it got me thinking how important this type of strategic focus is for your business.

Unplug. Relax. Think.

Focus on the 20% of actions that will give you 80% of your results.

Most people's default mode seems to be the complete opposite.

Constantly wired in: computer, phone, tablet. Consuming every tasty piece of content that pops up on their feed, filling their head with more and more information. Looking "out there" for answers that can only come from within.

Let me ask you a question:

What is the value of information if it's not acted upon?

I'd argue it's a NEGATIVE number.

What I mean is, consuming content and not doing anything with it doesn't make you smarter. It doesn't give you more confidence or clarity. It doesn't help you. It certainly doesn't make you money.

In fact, it does the opposite.

Why? Because it steals your time, saps your energy, creates confusion... and drags you away from the important action you should be focusing on.

What good is attending a webinar on 15 ways to split test a landing page if you haven't yet figured out who your ideal clients are and aren't going to split test anything this week.

Why listen to a 45-minute podcast on SEO if you haven't got your website up yet.

How does reading an article on Facebook add any value to your life when it's forgotten by tomorrow.

And don't get me started on TV or the Kardashians!

It's all noise.

5 minutes here. 15 minutes there. 60 every now and then. You'd be shocked how quickly it adds up. We all have the same number of hours each day, it's how you focus your energy that determines your results.

When was the last time you went on an information diet? Perhaps now is a good time.

For the next 90 days: Stop reading. Stop listening. Stop consuming.

Pick one program to implement. Eliminate distractions and block out everything else. Take focused action and keep yourself accountable. Don't stop until you hit your goals.

This level of focus is one of the reasons why members of my coaching programs have been able to get breakthrough results, like Piyush who made $20k in month one, Stephen who was up to $90k by month three, and Patrick who went from selling $3k websites to $50k high-end packages.

We're taking new members now. Apply here.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully