The “leaky bucket” theory for getting clients

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Lemme tell you about my "leaky bucket" theory for getting clients.

See, every potential client you come across has holes in their marketing machine. Mistakes, missing pieces, and inefficiencies in the system that are causing them to leak profits.

A leaky bucket.

And you know what? In many cases we're talking thousands -- sometimes tens of thousands -- of dollars slipping through their fingers each and every month.

A bleeding wound.

For example, some of the leaky buckets I've seen lately:

Website without a lead capture device.

Email list not being mailed regularly.

Phone leads not being followed up quickly.

Salesletter with a weak headline and confusing order form.

Adwords campaign driving traffic to a non-existent landing page.

Website that doesn't work on mobile.

The list goes on.

And many people have two (or more) of these leaks at the same time. Can you begin to imagine how much opportunity is being wasted? It boggles the mind.

Anyway, the leaky bucket theory for getting clients says simply:

Offer to fix the leaky bucket first, before you try to sell the whole enchilada.

You see, these holes are usually quick and easy to fix. The value to the company is often dramatic. And results come in days or weeks rather than months.

So when you show them just how much the leak is costing them, and make an irresistible offer to stop the bleeding, the sale practically makes itself.

And guess what?

Now you've shown you can deliver.

You've put money back in their pocket.

And you're in prime position to sell a high value package.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully