[Taking Action] Concurrent Vs. Sequential

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"To be more productive you should focus on one thing at a time."

This sequential action is what most people will tell you to do.

And it's generally good advice.

IF you want to be more productive.

But I've found there's a big difference between being productive and being effective...

See, when I first started in business I tried to do everything sequentially.

Build a website.

Learn copywriting.

Write a report.

Develop an autoresponder series.

Create a direct mail campaign.

Figure out how to sell.

Run an event.

Finish a client's project.

One. After. The. Other.

That was the story I told myself about how things needed to be done.

I wanted everything to happen in a nice logical step-by-step order.

"Just need to do X then I'll do Y."

But of course "X" -- whatever it is -- always takes longer than you think.

And I found when you're only working on one thing the pressure to make it perfect takes hold.

Your website turns into a month-long project... copywriting becomes a 6-month obsession... the report you're working on never quite feels complete and goes through numerous re-writes.

At the end of each day you feel productive because of all the "stuff" you got done.

But the results aren't coming as fast as you'd like.

You're productive but not effective.

Over the years I've discovered my biggest breakthroughs rarely come from sequential action.

You get to the next level during times of massive CONCURRENT action.


Build the website, write the report, do the course, and develop the autoresponders all in the same week.

Launch then iterate.

This requires you simplify.

Strip away all the fluff and nonsense.

Focus only on what's critical for your minimum viable product.

Forget about trying to make anything perfect and just get it done.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully