Surfing 12ft bombs

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You might have seen the east coast of Australia getting belted by severe storms this past week.

An intense low-pressure system combined with king tides combined to create gale-force winds and huge surf conditions. Entire beaches eroded, homes along the coast are falling into the sea, and the surf came to life.

Breaks that would normally be 3ft on a good day exploded with 12ft bombs rolling through for two solid days.




Wave after wave.

We stood there watching for hours. Just when you thought you'd seen the biggest one another set would come through and stand up bigger and meaner than the last.

Waaaay too big for me to surf just yet.

But I got plenty of photos and studied some of the subtle things those brave enough to paddle out were doing. You can learn a lot watching experts up close.

Anyway, while shooting Boxy, one of our local surf breaks known for heavy sucky barrels, I was reminded of how many times I got absolutely worked while trying to learn it's ins-and-outs.

I'd paddle into a wave thinking I was in the right spot...

Only to get thrown over the falls, slammed into the shallow sand, and washing machined on the bottom until the wave decided I'd had enough and finally let me up.

Paddle into the next one, sure I'm in the right spot now...

Only to have the same thing happen again!

Later that night I'm at the pub chatting with a friend who just happens to be an amateur surfing champion and has surfed these waves for years.

I told him what happened and he just chuckled.

By the look on his face I could tell this was a story he'd heard many times before.

Then, after some good-natured ribbing, he leaned in close and told me a secret about surfing this particular wave that changed everything for me.

And the very next time I paddled out I did exactly what he said, and...

Effortlessly pulled into a beautiful little left-hander!

I got wave and wave that day and had the biggest grin on my face I'm sure was still there as I fell asleep that night.

Now, the secret he told me isn't important.

(Not unless you're planning on surfing Boxy, in which case hit me up and I'll take you down there and show you myself.)

But what is important is understanding the power of expert advice.

Discovering the right secret at the right time can save years off your learning curve and shortcut your results faster than you ever could trying to go it alone.

And that's one of the key ideas behind my new Consulting Tycoon Insiders community: Expert advice just when you need it.

I'm bringing together a community of consultants from all over the world -- we already have people from Australia, US, UK, and Namibia -- with a vast array of backgrounds and experience.

Whatever challenge you're currently facing you can bet either myself or one of our members has faced and conquered that challenge.

So pull up a bar stool and lean in close...

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully