Success in a new niche

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This week one of my Tycoon Inner Circle clients landed his first account in a new niche and wrote this in the members forum:

"I have landed a ____________ as a client and it is someone who received my direct mail sequence, spoke to me on the phone for quite a while when I called as part of my follow up sequence and then emailed me back once the renovation of their _________ was complete.

The interesting thing was that I found I didn't need to do anywhere near as much 'selling' due to the information that they had already received from me."

Couple of powerful lessons here:

1. Marketing is a process not an event.

You might get lucky and send a single email or direct mail letter and get a client. But in most cases when you're building a new business or entering a new market you're going to need a multi-step campaign with a number of different touch points and follow ups.

You're going to need to test a number of different approaches. Be willing to fail. Work to improve your execution. Implement quickly and learn to get comfortable outside your comfort zone.

Most people give up way too early.

2. Become a big fish in a small pond. (Specialise!)

If you're still trying to sell websites and SEO to anyone who'll take it then you're a couple of years behind the curve and competing with literally thousands of other providers. You're a commodity and it's a race to the bottom.

Would you like the know the single most important element to raising your prices?

It's the perception they can't get what you have anywhere else.

If you're one of a thousand SEO providers then you've got no leverage in the relationship. Your prospects can get the exact same thing you provide somewhere else. You know it. They know it. And so they largely dictate what you can charge.

But if you develop specialist expertise they can't get anywhere else and learn to position yourself correctly then competition shrinks to zero. The power in the relationship swings to you because they want what you have and can't get it anywhere else.

(The first few weeks of my High Value Client Training walk you through exactly how to re-position what you do for maximum impact to your ideal high value clients.)

3. Educational direct response marketing can do the bulk of your selling for you.

I was a little shocked the first time I experienced this myself.

I'd sent a 3 or 4 step sequence of educational pre-selling material to a prospect and finally booked them on a consultation. Had my consultative sales script in front of me ready to go... usually it would take me about 45-90 minutes to close a sale.

But all they wanted to know was when they could get started and how much it was going to cost.

They had already decided to buy based on the educational material I'd sent them.

As far as they were concerned the consult was just a formality.

I um'd and ah'd and scrambled to find where in the script I was supposed to start from but eventually just cast it aside, booked them into my calendar, and took payment.

A consultative sales process is great when you're dealing with relatively cold prospects. But with the right marketing systems you can turn the heat up, sift and sort your prospects, and only deal with people who are "in heat" and ready-to-buy now.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully