Short Game Vs Long Game

1. Short gamers focus on a sale today. Long gamers focus on sales for a lifetime.

2. Short gamers obsess about hustling. Long gamers build systems so they don't have to hustle.

3. Short gamers always go for the low hanging fruit. Long gamers reach for the biggest, juiciest fruit high up on the tree.

4. Short gamers obsess about finding brilliant ideas. Long gamers obsess about implementing even average ideas.

5. Short gamers won't move forward if there's a risk of failing. Long gamers know they're going to fail multiple times and try to fail faster.

6. Short gamers think about how much money they can make. Long gamers think about how much value they can provide.

7. Short gamers wait for inspiration to strike before they start work. Long gamers build work routines that don't rely on being inspired.

8. Short gamers want certainly. Long gamers know there is no such thing.

9. Short gamers let their ego set their fee. Long gamers let their reputation earn it.

10. Short gamers think they can have everything and chase all their dreams at once. Long gamers know they can have everything and methodically go after their dreams one after the other.

11. Short gamers look back and think about what could have been. Long gamers look at today and what will be.

12. Short gamers chase every bright shiny object that comes along. Long gamers focus on evergreen strategies.

13. Short gamers focus on information gathering. Long gamers work on skill development.

Which of these skills do you need to work on?

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully