How choices kill deals

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The more experience you get at online marketing, the easier it is to kill a deal by giving your prospect too many options.

A potential client comes to you for help, and instead of showing them THE way to solve their problem, the temptation is to tell them about all the different ways you could solve it.

We could do this thing.

Or we could do this thing.

Or we could this other thing over here.

Or maybe all three of them!

Sometimes we do this because we genuinely want to be helpful. Other times we're trying to somehow "prove" we're an expert. Or perhaps we're seeking validation.

But here's what's important:

This will kill more deals than you can ever imagine. And it's NOT helpful.

People don't need more choices.

Especially about things they are probably not qualified to make decisions about.

What they need are SOLUTIONS.

Your value is not in giving people more options but in helping them move  towards the best available option.

Listen to their pains, challenges, and goals...

Then show them the best way forward, based on your experience.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully