Creating offers that convert

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Yesterday we were talking about accountability for results.

And how ultimately, results are the ONLY thing your clients care about.

It was this realisation that lead me to figure out how to consistently create offers that convert.

It has nothing to do with writing amazing copy.

Nothing to do with how many bonuses you offer.

Nothing to do with discounts, urgency, or scarcity.

(Although all of those things can certainly bump response!)

Here's the big secret:

Give people what they really want.

Pretty simple, huh?

Here's what that means for a digital marketing consultant:

Create standalone packages that can generate real tangible results without relying on other inputs.

That's a bit to take in so let's chunk it down and unpack exactly what it means.

Standalone packages means when they buy a service package from us it "stands alone" and they don't need to buy anything else to get results.

Generate real tangible results means it delivers exactly what the client actually needs and wants.

Without relying on other inputs means our packages don't need anyone else to do anything. It's not a half solution that requires someone else to do something before it will work. It's a 100% solution to their problem.

Here's how this looks for our Adwords agency:

Our packages include everything the client needs to generate leads online...

- Market research.

- Keyword research.

- Campaign setup.

- Funnel design.

- Landing page.

- Email followup.

- Phone tracking.

- CRM setup/integration.

- Campaign management.

- Split testing.

- Dashboards & active reporting.

We also setup Google My Business and even assist with phone scripts, offer creation, strategy, and whatever else they need to make our core service -- Adwords management -- successful.

The result?

Our offer becomes irresistible:

Give me $X and I'll turnkey a system that brings you Y leads.

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully