Accountability for results

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In my experience, most consultants shy away from results.

(This experience has been echoed back to me from many clients I've worked with as well.)

They want to get paid the big bucks but don't want to be held accountable for the bottom line.

"Oh yeah I built the website but traffic is not my problem."

"Hey I got you to the top of Google it's not my problem if your site doesn't convert."

"I laid out a proven strategy for you it's not my fault if you didn't execute it properly."

Now technically, all these statements are true.

If someone hires you to build a new website then you're not obligated to drive traffic to it.

If someone hires you to get them on the first page of Google then the conversion side of the puzzle is out of scope.

But here's what I've learned:

Clients want to get RESULTS.

And they're often not really sure how to get those results.

So they come up with an idea they think will work-- new website, top of Google, new strategy etc -- and go find someone to do it for them.

And the mistake most consultants make is to take the order, and deliver what was asked. The problem of course is what the client thinks they need and what they actually need are often worlds apart.

So what you should do instead, is ask WHY.

Why do they want this project done?

Why do they think this idea is the right one?

Why did they choose this and not that?

Because when you ask these type of questions you move yourself from order taker to expert advisor. You find out exactly what the client is trying to achieve. And you can deliver the actual RESULTS the client wants.

It was in going through this process that I figured out how to consistently create offers that convert.

And tomorrow I'll tell you exactly how I do it 😉

Talk soon,

Kyle Tully