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Fast Web Formula Review

Were you at the recent sold-out Fast Web Formula event here in Sydney? (If you were, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below. If you missed out this time, don’t worry because Fast Web Formula 2 is fast approaching. More details soon.) Now it’s been 5 weeks since the event, the dust …

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Small Business Internet Consulting Secrets – Part 1

I got asked a really good question the other day… “What do you think are the factors that differentiate someone making multiple 6 figures and someone just scraping along?” It was asked by 20-year old Jock Purtle — who already has one 6-figure client — and inspired this short 3-part series. Here’s part 1:

Which Of These 8 Consulting Models Fits You Best?

The great thing about starting a consulting business is there are no rules. You choose your clients. You decide which products and services you’ll offer. You set your prices. And you say when, where, and how you do business. This sounds great in theory, but it’s a BIG shock for most people.

Starting a Consulting Business?

One question I get asked a lot is: “What advice would you give to someone who is just starting a consulting business?” My typical answer? “Just take action. Get a grassroots campaign going — tell everyone in your circle of influence what you’re doing, start drumming up referrals, and get some momentum behind you.” And …

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5-Star Hotel Finds Free Money

Got some killer marketing lessons for you today. If you market to the affluent... players with money... high-income earners... (or whatever you want to call them) -- and you should -- then pay special attention 'cause this article is filled with strategies that can make you and your clients a LOT of money. Here's the …

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