Hi - I'm Kyle Tully, founder of Consulting Tycoon.

I created this site to help consultants, freelancers, and agency owners get high-value clients and have a lifestyle that allows you to work just 4 hours a day.

The best place to get started is my Free Training where I reveal everything.

My Story

I started my first consulting business way back in 1998. In the first 6 months I only picked up 3 clients. 2 of them never paid me. My business was a flop.

Broke, desperate and exhausted, I threw in the towel and grudgingly went back to a J.O.B. just to pay the bills. But I went on a mission to find the missing pieces I needed to make my business a HUGE success -- key secrets most people never figure out.

What I discovered is getting high-value consulting clients is much easier than I thought. You just have to make a few key shifts in WHO you target, HOW you position yourself, and the SYSTEM you use to get clients. Once you get these things right you can progress extremely rapidly.

Since 2009 I've trained hundreds of clients using my strategies and have had the privilege of speaking at events and sharing the stage with guys like James Schramko, John Carlton, Mike Rhodes, and Ezra Firestone.

In my Free Training I walk you through exactly what these shifts are and how you can apply them to your business fast.